Newbury Animal Hospital

96 Hanover Street
Newbury, MA 01951


"I have had a wonderful experience at Newbury Animal Hospital. I especially appreciate the expertise of Dr. Richardson. Not only does she follow a course that helps my pets thrive, she also has an exceptional way of explaining things to me. She's the best!"

"I will never go anywhere else. Dr. Grillo saved my dogs life.  I am forever grateful to him, such an excellent vet. I feel I can call him anytime to speak by phone. We also adore Dr. Solinger!"

"I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bring my precious Breeze to Newbury Animal Hospital and to be under the care of Doctor Grillo.  His compassion and caring means so much and definitely makes a difference.  Also, the other veterinarians that we have seen over the years have made this a very pleasant and rewarding place to bring your pets.  The staff is always pleasant and extremely helpful in making appointments, getting prescriptions filled and making you feel comfortable.  Again, we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful facility."

"The best decision a pet owner can make is to walk through the doors at Newbury Animal Hospital.  They will be treated with the most caring front desk, the most knowledgeable compassionate veterinarians, and vet techs who are always ready to help."

"Dr. Grillo is the absolute best and my absolute life line when it comes to my pets care and health. A special shout out to Dr. Richardson and the entire staff. I appreciate all your patience and time with my beloved dogs!"

"We are thrilled with our experiences so far! Everywhere we walk our rescue dog, Newbury Animal Hospital is highly recommended by other dog parents. Our pup is way too relaxed in the waiting area, a great sign!"

"Newbury Animal Hospital with all its special people is a truly precious gift for all who enter its doors."