Newbury Animal Hospital

96 Hanover Street
Newbury, MA 01951


Community Involvement

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At Newbury Animal Hospital, we know that animal care does not begin and end within the hospital walls. That is why we strive to support our community and the human-animal bond through participation in community endeavors. Among our projects and initiatives are:

Aid to Wildlife When wildlife is found injured NAH acts as an informal relay station for first aid and possible placement in appropriate facilities which to  provide care when possible.

NAH acts as a drop-off location for donations to the Newbury Pet Fund for Elders, a program to assist seniors who are having financial difficulties. We offer  our special thanks to Carol LaRoque, our Newbury  animal control officer, who initiated the program.

Merrimack River Feline Rescue and NAH have a long history in the community. We have long provided medical and surgical services as needed as well as regular donations. You will often find kittens who are up for adoption available for a bonding experience in our reception area.

Oxygen Mask Raffle  We are very proud of a recent endeavor, suggested and spearheaded by our esteemed team member, Michelle. Hew idea was to put together a raffle to provide our fire department with life-saving oxygen masks designed for pets. The initiative went so well that we were able to supply Newburyport, Newbury, West Newbury, Byfield and Rowley with oxygen masks.

Owl visitor at Newbury Animal Hospital


Internship Programs

Vet Tech Students Internship program in coordination with Mount Ida College and Becker College

Veterinary Students Internship in coordination with Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Community Service Program with Educational Collaborative student work experiences


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Charitable Support

-The Trust for Public Land


-The Humane Farming Association

-Alley Cat Allies

-Animal Welfare Institute

-Jeannie Geiger Crisis Center

-Newburyport Park Conservancy

-Humane Society Of the Veterinary Medicine Association

-Defenders of Wildlife

-Veterinary Scholarship Trust

-Viking Gradventure

-Newbury Elementary School Theatre

-African Wildlife Federation

-Best Friends Animal Society

-Jane Goodall Institute

-Special Olympics

-Newbury Equine Rescue

-Environmental Defense Fund

-Animals of Asia Foundation