Newbury Animal Hospital

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Newbury, MA 01951


New Clients - Newbury Animal Hospital - Newbury, MA

Our veterinary team in Newbury, MA welcomes you and your pet!

George Newbury Animal Hospital kittyAs a new client of Newbury Animal Hospital, you can expect our staff to give full attention to your pet’s needs.

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by the front desk staff who will check in your pet, assist in the completion of any paperwork and advise the medical staff that you have arrived.

In most cases, one of the veterinary technicians will bring you in an exam room and begin taking your pet’s medical history. They will also get your pets weight if the front desk staff has not already done this. If your pet is due for lab work, such as a heartworm test, they will obtain the bloodwork, usually with the help of another technician, and clip your pet’s nails.

The technician will advise the veterinarian of any pertinent medical history prior to the exam. The veterinarian will then examine your pet and ask you further questions about your pet’s health. He or she may recommend diagnostic tests if needed. Some of the diagnostic tests can be run in house, and we will have the results prior to the end of your visit. Your doctor will then discuss a possible diagnosis and treatment plan if necessary.

During any point in your visit, we encourage you to ask questions. Our team wants to make sure you are completely comfortable with information we provided. However, if you think of additional questions after your visit is complete and you have gone home, we will gladly accept your telephone calls or emails as well.

Once your exam is complete, the technician will then meet with the doctors while you and your pet head out to the front lobby. The technician will then fill any prescriptions from our pharmacy that the doctor may want you to go home with. The front desk staff will assist with the scheduling of any follow up visits and process your payment.

Our goal is to see all of our patients in a timely fashion, and although we have contingencies in place for emergencies, there will be times where unexpected delays may happen. We will make every effort to minimize these delays and keep you informed.

We are excited to meet you and your pet and look forward to helping you care for your pet throughout his or her life.