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Our Staff  - Newbury Animal Hospital - Newbury, MA

 Meet the caring team of Newbury Animal Hospital!

Our Technicians...


Tammy is our vet tech - Newbury Animal Hospital - Newbury, MA


My name is Tammy and I have been a senior technician here at Newbury Animal Hospital for about 20 years.  I have actually been in the veterinary field for much longer than that.  

I believe my passion for medicine and healing came from my dad, as he was in the field for many years.  My mother is also passionate for all animals and taught us from a very early age to listen and watch them, to feed them and nurture them.  

I love my family time, art, sewing and handyman projects.  I enjoy helping people with their pets as well.  I have one dog friend I love to hang with, her name is Terrabull, TayTay for short. I have one betta fish named Summer, and one cat named Dutchy.  I also have 13 chickens that I adore. 


Laurie is a veterinary technician at Newbury Animal Hospital- Newbury, MA


My name is Laurie and I have had the pleasure of treating many animals over the last 20 years as a Veterinary Technician on the seacoast.  I find behavior, wound care, and physical therapy are my areas of interest. There are so many cases we can assist animals in that go hand and hand with medicine to improve their lives.  Here at Newbury Animal Hospital i've been lucky to work with a diverse group of Doctors, receptionists extraordinaire, and fellow technicians to expand on my knowledge of wildlife and new, exciting ideas in treatment. 

In my off time I enjoy hiking with my children and dogs, riding and competing my horses, hanging with my goats and cats, occasionally getting away, and hope to get back to scuba diving soon. 

We share our lives with Emmett Otter Acorn Eater Jingleheimer Schmidt, Sarah Jean Horse, Its a Miracle, William Henry Bonny, Emma Louise Pearl, Brutus aka Bag, Orange aka Lizzie and a variety of parakeets whose names change on the daily. 



Tara veterinary technician


My passion for animals has been evident throughout my life. Anyone who has grown up with pets knows that there is a strong bond of unconditional love that forms. Growing up, I had many different species of pets that I loved and cared for. Between graduating with a B.S. in Animal Science, working as a veterinary technician, training dogs, and teaching Animal Science, I
have more than 19 years’ experience with working with animals in addition to caring for my own pets. Currently, my family consists of myself, my husband Ian, my 3-year-old daughter, Aubrey, my elderly mutt Jalapeño, and my three Nigerian Dwarf goats, Pippy, Petunia and Pepper. My favorite past time includes going on small hikes with EVERYONE and snuggling in
the house with EVERYONE (goats included) :)





My name is Kelly, I've been a technician here at Newbury Animal Hospital since 2021. I'm currently going to school to receive my Veterinary Technician Associate Degree and from there I plan to get my Veterinary Technician Certification.

I realized I wanted to become a tech while caring for my dog Jax after he sustained a spinal injury. I took care of him during this and realized my passion for helping animals.

Working here has already taught me so much and I'm grateful to learn alongside the fantastic doctors, techs, and receptionists we have here. I've always loved animals for as long as I can remember and being able to help care for them has been such an amazing and rewarding experience.

I currently live in Newburyport with my boyfriend and have a dog Jax, 2 cats named Luna and Bear, and a turtle named Tilly. In my downtime I enjoy gaming, photography, cooking vegan meals, and camping.


Our Receptionists...


Nancy is a receptionist - Newbury Animal Hospital - Newbury, MA


Having worked in the veterinary field since 1992, I can't imagine doing anything else. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people and their pets become and stay healthy and happy. From new puppies and kittens to elderly pets needing "special" love and attention, each one is unique and so many remain always in my heart and mind.

Newbury Animal Hospital has been a wonderful place to work for the last 5+ years. Dr. Grillo and his veterinarian associates are excellent! I really enjoy working with the staff. We are a team and a family that is proud of our work ethic as well as our compassion for pets, clients and co-workers.

Other than animals in my life, I enjoy reading, crafting and especially knitting! Of course, interesting walks with friends and dogs is always enjoyable!

I have had many dogs and cats over the years. In twenty six years I have only been without a dog partner for 6 months. Currently my best friend is my little mop dog Floki. He will be happy to say hello to you when you are at our office!


Practice Manager


Lori Reception Staff


My name is Lori I have worked in the veterinary field for over ten years. I've been at Newbury Animal Hospital for two years. I have always been an animal lover and absolutely love what I do. When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with my husband Bruno, our two teenage girls Gianna & Alexa, and of course our dog Ella who is spoiled rotten.



Office Manager



Corrine Office Manager


After being away for five years, I'm back! From 2011 to 2014, I was a receptionist here at Newbury Animal Hospital. After having my third child, I decided to take a break and stay home with my children. However, the employees and clients at NAH are like my second family, so I couldn't stay away for long. I returned as a receptionist in 2019, then in 2020, I received the honor of being promoted to Office Manager. I live in Peabody with my husband Jae and our three daughters. We also have a dog named Millie and a cat named Toby. When I'm not at work or with my family, I enjoy yoga, meditation, nature, and crafting.




Lindsey and George - Lindsey is kennel staff- Newbury Animal Hospital-Newbury, MA


Hi, my name is Lindsay and I've been working at Newbury Animal Hospital for about 6 years now.  You may not see me a lot, but I am always in the background, either running around to assist the techs, caring for any pets staying for the day, or keeping the boarders happy and comfortable.  I'm happy to say I enjoy coming to work.  These people are like family to me and the hospital kitties have become my own. If you happen to see our kitty George, I am nearby!  

When I'm not working I enjoy hanging with my kitty Taya or spending time with friends and family!


Hospital Kitties


Capone ( aka Pony) lives here at Newbury Animal Hospital-Newbury, MA

Capone (aka Pony):

Pony is one of our beloved resident kitties.  He came to us via the feline shelter in Salisbury after someone had noticed he was injured and trapped him.  His tail was badly injured and we spent several weeks trying to save it before the decision to amputate was made.  During the process of caring for him, the staff fell in love and he did too!  When he arrived he was very scared and unhappy to be touched, now he's a little lovebug!  He spends most of his days begging the front desk for treats (and succeeding) and sleeping on the warm dryer or snuggling with George.  Pony is truly a part of our NAH family. 


George lives here at Newbury Animal Hospital - Newbury, MA


George first started here as a patient several years ago.  After he developed serious urinary issues the owners were no longer able to care for him and we took him in.  Several surgeries and a special diet later, George is doing great!  George spends his day stealing food and seats! If you've ever seen our receptionists perched on the very edge of their seat, that's because George is sprawled out behind them! When he's not stealing our seats or food, he spends his time cuddled up with his best friend Pony. George has made another great addition to our NAH family!