Newbury Animal Hospital

96 Hanover Street
Newbury, MA 01951


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Capone ( aka Pony)

Capone (aka Pony):

Pony is one of our beloved resident kitties.  He came to us via the feline shelter in Salisbury after he was found stuck in a trap.  His tail was badly injured and we spent several weeks trying to save it before the decision to amputate was made.  During the process of caring for him, the staff fell in love and he did too!  When he arrived he was very scared and unhappy to be touched, nows he's a little lovebug!  He spends most of his days begging the front desk for treats (and succeeding) and sleeping on the warm dryer or snuggling with George.  Pony is truly a part of our NAH family.



George first started here as a patient several years ago.  After he developed serious urinary issues the owners were no longer able to care for him and we took him in.  Several surgeries and a special diet later, George is doing great!  George spends his day stealing food and seats! If you've ever seen our receptionists perched on the very edge of their seat, that's because George is sprawled out behind them! When he's not stealing our seats or food, he spends his time cuddled up with his best friend Pony. George has made another great addition to our NAH family!